Soult Street Improvements Project

Update: August 9, 2022

Rough asphalt installed from Hwy 1088 to Mandeville Middle area .Next, weather permitting, starting Monday, August 15, the remaining of Soult St will be milled and final 2 inch asphalt will be applied, then lines drawn.

Update: August 5, 2022

The asphalt sub contractor will be in on Monday evening (August 8) to pave, reconstruct, and widen areas by Mandeville Middle school and the area near Hwy 1088.  (Weather Permitting)

They will then come back during the day about a week later to begin the milling and paving of the remainder of the road. The majority of the work will be completed in the next few weeks as long as weather allows. Wet pavement and base can’t be paved.

Update: July 22, 2022

- The final road base has been completed.

- The crew is currently grading/leveling out the road.

- The installation of curbing and asphalt will start next week (starting July 25).

Update: March 17, 2022

From Chris Covers, St. Tammany Engineer:

Crews are preparing the base for Asphalt placement, they will begin patching the road soon. Once that is complete they will do the final asphalt work.

There is a small amount of pipe left to lay near Hwy 1088. Waiting on delivery of it.

Below illustrates upcoming Soult Street improvements:

Illustrations are ordered by projected date of completion, from sooner to later.

Hwy 190 and Soult Street
Cawson Street
McNamara Street and Dupard Street
Destin Street and Labarre Street
Montmartre Street and Austerlitz Street
Joans Street and Preval Street
Nelson Street and Armand Street
Chevreuil Street, Sycamore Place and Butternut Lane
Mandeville Middle School
Eola Street, Jordan Street and Elmer Street
HWY 1088
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