Mandeville Bypass Road

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November 17, 2020

Latest update from STP Engineering:

No issues in right of ways purchases as it stands now. The final plans are about 60% final. St. Tammany is still waiting on DOTD to make comments on new traffic information submitted so they can proceed with additional study information on the roundabouts that DOTD has requested. The pipeline companies have all been notified and signed agreements with the Parish as well. Overall things are moving smoothly.

November 5, 2020

The Council adopted an ordinance authorizing the Parish to acquire parcels for this project.

March 3, 2020

  • There will not be a connection to Forest Brook Subdivision as the residents voted against this connection.
  • The Parish is currently working through design comments with DOTD for the connections at Hwy. 1088 and Hwy. 190.
  • The project will consist of 2 roundabouts, one at the intersection of Hwy. 190 and one at the intersection of Hwy. 1088.
  • There are two connections to Pelican Park that are being designed as 3-way, (T-intersections).
  • Even though the internal connections to Pelican Park will be constructed as T-intersections, the Parish will purchase the additional right-of-way needed to construct roundabouts at these locations in the future.
  • Funding is secured for design, wetlands mitigation, and land acquisition.
  • The Parish is currently working towards securing construction funding.
  • The Parish is currently still in final design for this project and have not mitigated the wetlands or acquired the property needed. Therefore, construction is still several years away.
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